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  • Post Conference Update

    Thank you to all the people who helped make the IMA Carolinas Council Spring Accounting and Finance Conference a success.  We had over 50 attendees this year up from the past two conferences.  The venue, including the food, was awesome and all our speakers delivered relevant and informative material.  Special thanks to our sponsors, Clearview Group, FORVIS and Gleim.  Also thanks to Byrd Heaton for all her help at the registration desk.  Keep an eye out in the coming months for our next conference event.  

    The IMA is a great association and personally being involved and taking a leadership role has helped me grow.  Now is the time to consider getting more involved.  Chapters and the Council are always looking for leaders to be part of the Board and committees.  IMA Global recently completed is call for volunteers. The Chapters must submit their officers by May 22.  Please contact your Chapter president or me if you wish to join a Chapter Board or our Council Board. 

    All the best, 

    Tony Caspio, CMA

    Carolinas Council President and Conference Co-Chair